Tattvalogy Indigo Powder – 175gm


Brand: Tattvalogy

Country: India



Benefit of Indigo Powder for Hair CareDescription
Natural Hair ColoringIndigo powder imparts a bluish or blackish tint to the hair.
Covers Gray HairIt effectively covers gray or white hair when mixed with henna.
Conditions and NourishesIndigo can help in moisturizing and nourishing the hair.
Adds ShineIt gives a natural shine and gloss to the hair.
Strengthens HairIndigo may strengthen the hair, making it less prone to breakage.
Reduces DandruffIt has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which can help with dandruff.
Promotes Hair GrowthIndigo may stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.
Natural Hair DarkeningIt can naturally darken the hair without the use of chemical dyes.
Improves Scalp HealthIndigo can contribute to a healthy scalp and reduce itching.
Repairs Damaged HairIt can repair damaged hair and restore its vitality.
Adds ThicknessIndigo can make hair appear thicker and more voluminous.


Powder of Indigo leaves: Indigo may help manage premature greying of hair, reduce dandruff, condition dry hair, and even combat scalp irritation while soothing the scalp. It may help address premature balding by promoting the growth of new hair and making your hair thicker, more healthy, and lustrous.

How to use

Use alone or in combination with other powders, oil or water to make your own face mask or pack.

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Tattvalogy Indigo Powder – 175gm