Suganda Squalane Ceramide Moisturizer 50Ml


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Our barrier-boosting moisturiser goes beyond mere hydration – it’s a complete skincare solution. It improves the skin barrier, calms redness and enhances skin health. It is formulated with ingredients that are identical to the skin and a lipid complex comprising 3 ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids. This combination provides your skin with optimal hydration and support for its protective barrier.

It also includes other potent ingredients like Squalane, CICA, Niacinamide & Oat extract in synergy to calm down the redness & irritation instantly. The unique blend of these clinically proven ingredients, not only restores the skin’s barrier, improves hydration, and promotes anti-aging effects.Also includes additional beneficial components for reducing redness and itching while providing antioxidant properties.

It is very lightweight and is also suitable for dry skin prone to breakouts. This remarkable moisturiser works to rebuild the layers of your skin, promoting a revitalised and rejuvenated complexion. It goes beyond surface hydration, actively repairing and strengthening your skin’s natural barrier.

  • Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES
  • Best for dehydrated skin.
  • Combination skin will enjoy it.
  • Works well on dry acne-prone skin.

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Suganda Squalane Ceramide Moisturizer 50Ml