SOME BY MI Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum (30Ml)



Country: South Korea

Skin type: All

Scent: Fresh


  • SOME BY MI : SOME BY MI is a compound word of ‘SOMETHING’ and ‘BY A MIRACLE’. Our brand mission is to make products that stick to the essentials of cosmetics, with safe and clean ingredients with proven efficacy. Through our Skincare products, we hope to bring some positive changes and ‘MIRACLES’ to your skin
  • GALACTOMYCES VITAMIN C SERUM : The Galactomyces Vitamin C Serum is a double brightening serum that contains 75% germinated Galactomyces and 30,000 ppm of pure Vitamin C. Six clinical trials have demonstrated its effectiveness in improving skin tone, luster, pigmentation, elasticity, irritation, and moisture. This korean serum is hypoallergenic and free of 20 cautionary components, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin
  • KEY INGREDIENTS : Galactomyces and pure Vitamin C are both powerful skincare ingredients that can improve skin texture, brighten the complexion, and protect against environmental stressors. Galactomyces can enhance skin hydration levels, while pure Vitamin C can promote collagen synthesis for a firmer, smoother complexion and protect against UV damage
  • GALACTOMYCES VITAMIN C LINE : The Galactomyces Vitamin C Line is recommended for those with loose and dull-looking skin or skin with melasma and pigmentation. This korean skin care line offers spot care with a high content of Galactomyces and pure Vitamin C brightening care. These products improve skin tone, skin brightness, firmness, moisture level, alleviate melasma and pigmented areas. The line is free of 20 types of harmful ingredients and has completed an irritation test on sensitive skin
  • SOME BY US : We make products with proven efficacy only by undergoing strict testing from the planning & developing stages to product launch, in collaboration with various dermatology experts. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is the ‘First Priority Goal’ of SOME BY MI

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The product once sold can be returned within 3 days of purchase. To proceed return of goods, customers must present the corresponding invoice.

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1. The product must be unused, unworn, unwashed, and without any flaws.

2. The product must be returned in the original and undamaged packaging/box.

If your returned item does not meet the above requirements, we reserve the right to reject any request for a refund.

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SOME BY MI Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum (30Ml)