Rustic Art Mineral Sunscreen Vitamin C SPF 30+


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Country: India

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Sunflower oil and carrot oil tighten the skin. This keeps the skin wrinkle free and reduces signs of early aging. Raspberry oil and Avocado’s high natural SPF shields the skin from the sun. High vitamin C content in Raspberry regenerates the skin. Hemp oil unclogs skin pores and balances skin oils. High vitamin C is further reinforced by Tomato oil which is responsible for skin health building. Tomato is a rich source of anti oxidants like beta carotene, lycopene, flavonoids, amino acids, lecithin, phytosterols, and minerals like copper, iron and manganese. Carrot oil has great Anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti microbial, anti inflammatory properties. Karanja oil nd rice oil acts as an anti septic which heals the dry skin post application. Ylang ylang essential aids in skin regeneration and regulates sebum production in the skin. Vitamin C carries whole host of benefits from skin regeneration, skin firmness, protection against sun, aids healing and offers UV protection. Lastly, to top it all off, saffron reduces skin pigmentation and heals the skin. Water is not absorbed by the human skin and is mainly a filler in Sunscreens. Water based products strip our skin of essential oils, have more carbon footprint and cause red, inflamed skin and breakouts. Our waterless sunscreen is formulated to be a concentrate and ensures quick absorption. Less quantity of the sunscreen is required to cover your desired area per application and has a long lasting effect for UV and sun damage protection.

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Rustic Art Mineral Sunscreen Vitamin C SPF 30+