Chicco Breast Pads 30S


Brand: Chicco

Country: Italy

Material: Anti-bacterial Fabric

Manufacturer: Artsana India Private Limited


Chicco Anti-Bacterial Absorb Nursing Pads are made of antibacterial fabrics that prevent the production of bacteria on the breast’s skin, thus avoiding rashes and irritations on its tender surface
  • Antibacterial fabric avoids the proliferation of bacteria on the skin of the breast, preventing irritations and rashes
  • Keeps the breast in the ideal hygienic conditions that help to heal
  • The antibacterial molecule of the treatment is not transmitted to the skin of the breast, and therefore does not comes in contact with the mouth of the baby
  • The double external layer in the breathable non-woven fabric allows the nipple and skin to breathe and prevents irritations
  • The super absorbent micro-pearls retain liquid and prevent it from seeping out to the surface
  • These are ultra-thin & breathable breast pads, invisible under clothing to provide maximum comfort and support to moms. Also, these are super absorbent which keeps the breasts dry.

Delivery & Returns

The product once sold can be returned within 7 days of purchase. To proceed return of goods, customers must present the corresponding invoice.

Conditions for Returns

1. The product must be unused, unworn, unwashed, and without any flaws.

2. The product must be returned in the original and undamaged packaging/box.

If your returned item does not meet the above requirements, we reserve the right to reject any request for a refund.

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Chicco Breast Pads 30S